Evening entertainment

So it’s 7pm and the evening guests have started to arrive. They’ve not seen the ceremony or enjoyed the wedding breakfast and the band has not yet started, booking DW as a wedding magician to make a seamless transition between day and evening guests and really break the ice between new-comers is a perfect way to get the evening party started. Often by the evening you have the full complement of guests so hiring DW for 2 hours is ideal for bringing some magic to these guests and making them feel just as valued as the day guests as you have laid on something special for them too.

Wedding Breakfast

The first meal of the day as newly-weds sometimes needs a push to get the party started. Booking DW to reveal people’s bank pin, tell people their star sign or name of their first pet is a perfect way to break the ice between guests on each table who may or may not know one another and at the same time, really enhance your day. Perfect if there has been a delay in the food coming out of the kitchen, or merely to lubricate conversations, booking a Birmingham magician and mind reader is a popular option to create the shrieks of delight and fun in an unassuming way.

Wedding Photos

Booking DW as a Birmingham magician whilst the photos are being taken is an extremely popular option. As you guys have the photos to remember your big day the other guests, (with the exception of their photo call) are often left to entertain themselves. This lull in the day is the perfect opportunity to inject some magic, mind reading and mystery guaranteed to ensure the guests are still having an amazing time without your company. DW’s mix and mingle style is contemporary, light and exciting and can move through the guests without the need of a table to read minds.