Complete package

The complete package includes learning about your company history, culture, products and services they offer. This would then lead to a pre meeting to identify USP’s and develop some concepts. DW would then work on these for another meeting to introduce script ideas and demonstrate ideas and effects. Following this, a pre-show demo would be introduced and then the delivery of the work on trade show day’ generating sales leads forming a perfect return on investment. Finally, DW would follow up with a report detailing observations and recommendations for the future.

Aisle style

DW’s most popular booking is performing in the trade show aisles. Having developed scripts and routines to best communicate your company messages and unique selling points, DW will take to the trade show aisles, cherry-picking pre-qualified leads (sometimes identified by their lanyards) connecting and captivating potential clients and converting them into sales leads. Offering a more interactive a roaming approach to a lot of trade show ‘gimmicks’ this is a highly customised service guaranteeing high returns on investment. Please get in touch for free consultation.

Booth style

The booth style is where DW is based on your stand behind a booth. Here he will perform a short act at specific times throughout the day. Holding a captivated audience here allows DW to communicate your company’s unique selling points and company messages – leaving you to cherry pick a high volume of sales leads for you then to convert into sales or business relationships. As mentioned before, this act can be tailored in length and can be interspersed with a more aisle style roaming act to generate leads and entice people come to the show at a specific time.